Christmas Wallet

Our Christmas Wallet is an online wallet on our website that allows you to put in money over the months leading up to Christmas so that you won’t have a big expense all at once.

We will have multiple deals running up to Christmas such as Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas deals and many more. When you have the desired amount of money in your wallet you can use it to grab our special deals. Prices may vary in each deal so it’s up to the customer to make the smart move and purchase when they see the phone they want is on special offer.

Please note:

Phones will not be kept aside for customers in our Christmas Wallet Scheme.

We highly recommend our customers who wish to join our Christmas Club, to use this online wallet so they can avail of all our special offers, instead of using our Christmas deposit scheme where they are unable to benefits from our promotions running up to the Christmas season.


Join now to open your Christmas Wallet Account on our website.

Christmas Deposit Scheme

In contrast to our Christmas Wallet, in our Christmas deposit scheme you can reserve your phone today and pay in instalments. The minimum deposit on a phone is €99. Once the deposit is paid, balance can be paid in a total of 5 instalments. Phone can be delivered or collected once it is paid for in full.

Only advantage of using this deposit scheme is that your phone will be held aside for you.

Disadvantage of using this scheme:

The cost of the phone at the time of placing this deposit is the set cost for the customer and cannot be changed under any circumstances. If phones prices go down, customers can not avail of reduced prices, so we do not recommend our customers to use this deposit scheme. We encourage all out customers to use another scheme called Christmas wallet where customer can take the advantage of our special offers.

Other disadvantages of using this scheme:
Any devices which are reserved but by somehow is not collected or required anymore, a €49 fee applies for administration plus the depreciation of the device which will be calculated accordingly. If a customer wishes to change their order, this will have a fee of €49 for administration plus the depreciation of the device on the day of customer request to change the order. Any phone bought under this scheme can be refunded but only to the current value of the device on the day of refund request.

Your 12 months warranty on your device starts from the date of collection/delivery. You should take note of your Christmas deposit scheme number and retain any receipts you receive for deposits. You may also be asked for ID when collecting your phone, this is only to make sure that there are no mix ups with the phones you have placed on hold with us. The final day to register for the Christmas Club is Sunday, 19th November. If you wish to get your phone delivered, all phone’s must be fully paid off by the 16th of December. All phones must be fully paid and collected by the 24th of December. Please give us a ring at 0896014497 to open your Christmas deposit account today.technog